• REI Network, L.P. Announces a New Type of Investment Property Deal on Their site


REI Network, L.P. is excited to offer a new type of investment property deal to their investors on MyHouseDeals.

The number one priority at MyHouseDeals is to find investment property deals off the beaten path that offer a solid investment opportunity. They do this so that investors can focus on what they do best: closing deals and getting paid.

REI Network, L.P. has been working for months on a new feature, and now it’s finally here.
MyHouseDeals members already have access to the largest list of wholesale deals and motivated seller leads, but REI Network, L.P. continuously strives to make even more deals available to their investors. They now offer a new type of investment property deal: Investor-Ready Foreclosures.

Foreclosure auctions can be a waste of time, especially for beginner investors. The auctions have become crowded with investors driving prices up, making it hard to find an actual deal. For this reason, MyHouseDeals historically hasn’t listed foreclosures on their website.

There are many foreclosure properties, however, that do not sell at auction. Most of those are put up for sale by the bank, and many of them are deeply discounted. The banks want to sell them fast so they can recoup their loss. The more discounted they are, the more attractive investment property deals they make. REI Network, L.P. saw a huge opportunity in offering those properties to investors on MyHouseDeals.

They call these deals Investor-ready foreclosures. And starting today, investors can find them on MyHouseDeals.

Investor-ready foreclosures now show up on the property listing page along with wholesale deals and motivated seller leads, so searching them is easy and convenient. Investors will simply type in their investment area’s zip codes on the search form and they’ll see what deals are available in their area.
If investors only want to see deals with a 15% equity spread or more, all they have to do is select the percentage from the Percent Equity drop down in the search form, and target only the best deals in their area.

If investors want to stick with wholesale deals and motivated seller leads only, they can customize their search to exclude investor-ready foreclosures.

Over 10,466 Investor-ready foreclosures are now available to MyHouseDeals members at NO cost—starting today! That’s a total of $372,862,987 in profit potential just waiting for the right investor to snatch them up.

And they are adding an average of 1,306 new investor-ready foreclosures each week, so there are many more deals to come.

The REI Network, L.P. team will do whatever they can to help investors build their real estate investing empire. That’s their commitment. Investor-ready foreclosures are a big step towards getting real estate investors more deals and increasing their success rate.

REI Network, L.P. wants to hear what real estate investors have to say about these new deals! Please email their team directly with any thoughts and suggestions at investorreadyforeclosures@myhousedeals.com.


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