The Company

The Company

Our Mission

To empower people to create financial freedom by providing the opportunities they need to transform their lives.

Our Vision

To own the conversation about real estate investing.

Our Values

Our values reflect what is truly important to us as an organization.

These values do not change from time to time, situation to situation or person to person, but rather they are the underpinning of our company culture.

•  We put the people first
•  We conduct business with integrity and lead by example
•  We take ownership of everything we do
•  We measure, grow, and measure again
•  We pursue growth and innovation through curious experimentation
•  We embrace a sense of optimism, possibility and fun

We are all about helping people transform their lives by leveraging the opportunities available in real estate.
Our family of websites and digital products offer all the resources and services real estate investors need to learn the business, stay up to date on market trends and strategies, find their first or next flip or rental property, fund their purchases, and establish a strong network of professionals to help them succeed in the industry. 

At REI, we have a skilled team of professionals whose sole mission is to make sure the thousands of members in our network have high-quality products and services to create a thriving business.  

Our offerings go beyond websites.

We share content and education, provide spaces that incentivize networking and integrate efficient, on-demand solutions to empower our customers to make the best decisions and do the best deals. We are changing the conversation in real estate investing and simplifying the home buying process along the way.

Meet the team

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Doug Smith
Founder of REI Network, L.P.
and a successful real estate
investor, he's a member of
Entrepreneurs Organization and
has conducted over 25 seminars to
investors throughout the nation.
His major achievement has been
to transform people’s lives by
giving them life-changing education
&access to highly profitable
investment opportunities across
the country.
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Alex Farris
Alex has over 10 years of expertise
working with real estate investors
to develop the marketing services
and training programs they need
to create their freedom and reach
their goals.
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Allison Reves
Marketing Manager
After helping her last company
do over 200 deals per year, Alison
joined REI to help them grow their
brands and reach more investors
than ever. She excels at digital
marketing, optimism and pizza
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Christian Sosa
Business Development
Born in Mexico City, Christian's
experience as a Digital Strategist
and Management Consultant,
has helped to develop business
strategies for companies
across Mexico and the US.
He got his MBA by the ULA in 2016
and joined the team in 2017.
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John Smith
Development Manager
John was born with the
superpower of problem-solving.
He quickly fell in love with all things
computer-related at the age of 12.
He attended the Texas Tech
University and graduated with a
Bachelor of Management
Information Systems.
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Felicia Bates
Product Manager
Felicia specializes in product
design and development and
has a passion for user interaction.
After getting a Bachelor of Science
in Professional & Technical Writing,
she combines her communication
skills with her knack for design
and interaction for seamless
product development.
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Grayson Meyer
Customer Success Manager
Before beginning his successful
career in Customer Success,
Grayson attended PURDUE
University, where he got his degrees
in English, Organizational
Management and History.
Born in Denver, Colorado,
Grayson is a fantastic golfer and
huge sports fan.
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Chistopher Studer
Software Developer
With over 10 years and 27 days
of development experience,
Chris has a well of knowledge
and skill that he brings to
the development team.
His ability to determine quick,
effective solutions coupled with
his rigorous work-ethic make
Chris a force to reckon within
the REI team.
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Kenneth Sok
Kenneth is not only a software
developer, he is also a seasoned
investor with over 40 deals under
his belt including wholesaling
and rental properties.
Joining his two passions of
technology and real estate,
Kenneth joined REI to continue
helping people achieve their goals
through real estate investing.
Software Developer
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Jay Kong
Experienced in working
with design and front-end
development, Jay's turned his
passion of working with websites
into a career that brings a better
user experience to many of
REI's properties.
UI Developer
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Chase Woods
Chase started web design in
high school in an effort to promote
his band and immediately fell
in love with it.
He has 15 years of experience in
the field and a passion for
designing clean, simple
and intuitive user interfaces.
UX/UI Designer
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Tayler Banes
Tayler is a native Houstonian
with a passion for helping people
through marketing initiatives.
She graduated from the University
of Houston with a Bachelor of
Business Administration in
Marketing and Entrepreneurship.
Marketing Coordinator
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Crystal Foster
Following her passion to
enlighten others, Crystal
obtained her Bachelor's of Science
degree in Adult Education.
With over 10 years of customer
support experience, she uses
her knowledge and skills
to assist clients as a Customer
Success Specialist.
Customer Success Specialist
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Chesare Johnson
Chesaré, or Ches for short, is a
serial entrepreneur,
award-winning music producer
and ramen enthusiast.
He was born and raised in
Houston, TX and enjoys utilizing
his great interpersonal skills
and business acumen to help
REI Network grow into a major
force in the real estate market.
Customer Success Specialist
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Carl-Yves Jean-Bart
Carl obtained his Bachelor's
of Science in Business
Management which taught
him that building & maintaining
relationships with customers is
the key to success.
His long-term experience has
taught him how to meet and
exceed customer expectations
with excellent service.

Customer Success Specialist
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Sara Jean Peterson
Born and raised in Houston,
Sarah Jean returned back
from Auburn University
just in time to put her
organizational and coordination
skills to use during the cleanup
efforts from Hurricane Harvey.
She continues her passion by
driving optimal office efficiency
and success.
Executive Assistant
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Joshua Gruet
Being driven and meticulous
has helped him tremendously
in his 15 years of customer service
prior to working with REI.
He takes pride in his work, but
above all, he values his team’s
performance. He believes
it reflects his qualities as a leader
and motivator.
Investor Support Specialist, Team Lead
Text deals to: (469)619-7206
Dallas and Oklahoma
(ETX, Shreveport, Beaumont)
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Donato "The Don" Zoleta
Ex-lemonade stand CEO, CMO,
and COO; ex-street food vendor;
ex-coffin maker and ex- fast-food
chain "floor" manager - AKA Certified
Hustler. Currently helping prospective
investors in Houston and
Central Texas find their most
profitable wholesale investment.
Investor Support Specialist
Text deals to: (210) 549-6671
Houston & Central Texas
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Lea Bonsol
Investor Support Specialist
A hands-on mother.
She's focused on getting things done.
Always making sure she puts a perfect
balance between career and family.
Text deals to: (646)598-4080
Text deals to: (646)598-4080
Philadelphia and NYC/Tri-State
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Frances Escudero
Investor Support Specialist
Frances is a licensed nurse,
a mom and an eco-warrior.
She has been with REI Network
for a year and 9 months and is
currently handling 3 markets in
the Deals Team -- Orlando, Tampa Bay
and Jacksonville. FL.
She believes in working smart
and pushing herself to reach her
goals consistently.
Text deals to: (407) 801-265
Orlando, Tampa Bay and Jacksonville
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Noeme Quinco
Investor Support Specialist
She is a licensed teacher
by profession with the degree
of BSED Biological Science .
She experienced working in
a BPO industry for 10 years as
a customer service specialist and
a fashion stylist .
She loves playing musical instruments
in her spare time.
Text deals to: 202-643-8198
Detroit & Washington, D.C.
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Rommel Dres
With over 5 years in Customer
Service and Degrees in Mathematics
and Nursing, Rommel joined the
team in 2016. Born in Baguio City,
Rommel always had an inclination
to architecture, psychology, and design.
He really loves his morning coffee
Investor Support Specialist
Text deals to: 312-508-3408
Chicago and Atlanta
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Aljon Coronel
Aljon is a movie buff and critic
during his free time but at work,
he manages Kansas City and
St.Louis markets. He has been with
REI for almost a year now.
Time sure flies by fast when you
are having fun!
Investor Support Specialist
Text deals to: 314-626-4425
Kansas City & St.Louis
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Liz Villar
Liz currently handles Colorado
and North Carolina markets in
the Deals Team. She has been
with the company for almost a year
and when she’s not working, she
loves spending time with her dogs
Sachie and Crunchie.
Investor Support Specialist
Text deals to: 720-583-4387
Denver & Raleigh-Durham
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Kalvin Camp
Understanding that the way
he does anything, is the way
he does E V E R Y T H I N G ,
drives him to pursue excellence in
all things he is involved in.
Efficacy in communication is where
he starts. His goal in life is to be
a great memory to all that encounter
him or his work.
Minneapolis & Seattle
Investor Support Specialist
Text deals to 612-512-0504
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KC Potencia
KC currently handles Cleveland
& Pittsburgh markets in the Deals
Team. During her free time,
she’s into photography, and she
is also an enthusiast of the Japanese
culture and playing volleyball.
She considers herself a wonder-mom
for her very active toddler. Yorishiku!

Investor Support Specialist
Text deals to: 216-505-0342
Cleveland & Pittsburgh
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Allaine Ledesma
Allaine’s moto is “Always DO it,
not TRY to do it”. He feels that it
makes a difference when you
think that you already won.
He always motivates himself no
matter what odds he faces.
Text deals to: 786-505-4834
Investor Support Specialist
South Florida and Charlotte
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April Flores
April is a dedicated mother who
does it all for her kids.
She shows the same determination
when it comes to taking care
of her markets.
Investor Support Specialist
Text deals to: 650-550-8365
Bay Area and Sacramento
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Roselle Fulgar
Roselle is in charge of SoCal
and Salt Lake City markets.
Despite being the rookie and
overwhelmed, she steadfastly
believes that "the expert in
anything was once a beginner".
Die hard lover of cats and
has a passion for surfing.
Investor Support Specialist
SoCal & Salt Lake City
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Text deals to: 213-340-4722
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Bradd Burchards
When he isn't working,
He enjoys spending time
with his kids watching them grow
day by day. During his own time he
usually enjoys watching Netflix or be
at thebox doing Crossfit. He's also a
coffee addict getting massive
doses each day to keep himself sane.
Investor Support Specialist
Phoenix & Las Vegas
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Text deals to: 602-278-6267
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